Get a perfect sleep

Try to adopt a holistic approach to your day and night to give yourself the best chance of a regular sleep pattern, stress, work, children and many other factors will distrupt your sleep however here are some tips to help

Remember you are a priority, if you cant function then life will be harder and your partner, children and work will suffer. Find a few things you can do nightly that will calm and relax your body. Turn off your phone/computer at least a half hour before bed. Do some gentle stretching or yoga. Take a hot bath. Read. Write in a journal. Drink some herbal tea. Whatever works for you, do it habitually. Your body will recognise the routine, taking the cues that it’s time to calm down and go to sleep.

2.SET A HEALTHY WORK & LIFE BALANCE – pressures to be constantly working and responding to emails will affect your sleep, set a cut-off point to allow a wind down time.
Instead spend evenings talking with friends and family around the table or taking time for yourself. When you’re not constantly bound to your phone or every email, your mind will feel more calm and ready for rest.

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