Stress Relief more important than ever

Anxiety should be given more attention in health research because it is more common than we think, says a global study of the disorder. Scientists from the University of Cambridge said young people under 35, women and those with health problems were particularly affected.

1.Dont let stress get hold of your life – try to find ways of dealing with it. Find time in your life to relax and de-stress, 30 minutes to yourself each day can make the difference, this can be a walk, a bath with candles and bath oils or some mindful thinking
2. Breathe – Starting to control your breathing will calm your mind and body down.
3. Write down all the things that you’re worried about and try to keep your life organised so that you won’t panic.
4. Maintain a balance of good sleep and control stress.
5. Listen to happy upbeat music or watch happy films

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