Happy Spa Single wick Candle


Heavenly composition of rose, geranium and aromatic frankincense, this candle will bring moments of bliss to your day. The uplifting properties of the 12 essential oils are selected to elevate your mood and spirits. This synergistic blend optimises the aromatherapy scent throw giving all the wellness benefits of an aromatherapy spa treatment. The heart is rose and geranium. Frankincense and Ho wood provide a mellow aromatic backdrop to this restorative blend. 100% natural, non toxic with essential oils and certified naturals. Our spa size candle 160 grams, provides 35 hours of aromatherapy and incorporates over one and a half full bottles of essential oils to bring you all the wellness benefits.

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White glass container 160g, 35 hours burning time approx.

Wax is vegan soy and rapeseed blend with a cotton wick

Candle Use Instructions

Please burn for 2 hours minimum first burn to prevent tunneling. Always trim wick to around 0.5cms each burn otherwise the candle will burn too quickly. Keep away from children, pets, and soft furnishings. Extinguish when less than 1cm of wax in the base.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 g


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