Revive Spa Candle


Energising blend of Eucalyptus, Lemongrass and Rosemary.  Layered with sweet basil, cypress and zesty lemon.  Months in the making we have perfected a refreshing composition of energy boosting essential oils.

“The Energy of the mind is the essence of life”. Aristotle

We believe that your energy levels make a fundamental difference to your day and life. This mood boosting blend will kick start your power levels to new heights



White glass container 160g, 35 hours burning time approx.

Wax is vegan soy and rapeseed blend with a cotton wick

Candle Use Instructions

Please burn for 2 hours minimum first burn to prevent tunneling. Always trim wick to around 0.5cms each burn otherwise the candle will burn too quickly. Keep away from children, pets, and soft furnishings. Extinguish when less than 1cm of wax in the base.


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