NYC Escape Himalayan Bath Salts


Nourish the body. Nurture the soul.

Heal, soothe, and revitalise tired skin with Himalayan salt crystals suspended in a beautiful aromatice blend of nourishing oils. Restorative Geranium, Orange, and Rosemary will de-stress your mood and while the mineral rich salts banish dry skin.

Restore balance and harmony while leaving skin feeling soft and reinvigorated; perfect for unwinding

These miracle bath salts offer rich and healing detoxification to anyone who is feeling stressed. The salts infuse the skin with 84 trace elements and minerals.


• Provides a powerful soak for joint pain and skin rejuvenation
• Helps combat slow circulation,  toxin build up and cellulite
• Geranium provides stress relief whilst aiding skin renewal
• Orange cleanses negativity and clears the mind
•  Rosemary removes toxins whilst boosting resistance to infection

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275 grams in Apothecary jar


sprinkle into running bath water , relax and enjoy


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