NYC Calm Himalayan Bath Salts


Nourish the body. Nurture the soul.

Heal, soothe, and revitalise tired skin with Himalayan salt crystals suspended in a blend of nourishing oils. Restorative Lavender, Orange, and Sandalwood will soothe your mood and calm your spirit while the mineral rich salts banish dry, rough skin.

Restore balance and harmony while leaving skin feeling soft and reinvigorated; perfect for unwinding

These miracle bath salts offer rich and healing detoxification to anyone who is tired or feeling stressed. The salts infuse the skin with 84 trace elements and minerals.

• Provides a powerful soak for joint pain and skin rejuvenation
• Helps combat slow circulation,  toxin build up and cellulite
• sandalwood strengthens and restores inner calm
• mandarin cleanses negativity and clears the mind
•  lavender removes toxins and calms the soul

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300 grams in amber apothecary style bottle. Packaged in kraft tube.