Life & Soul Diffuser Refill


Our refill for our luxury reed diffusers will bestow 5 to 6 weeks of energising aromatherapy benefits, the heart of the fragrance is aromatic ginger lily with fresh scent of cypress. Envigorating top notes from zesty bergamot are beautifully combined with cedarwood and juniper to provide an uplifting base note. This blend is perfect for home offices or when doing yoga (before meditation time), anytime when a boost of energy is required.



A complex composition of 15 pure essential oils all selected for their calming and de-stressing properties.
Our Life + Soul candle will infuse your surroundings with the most amazing invigorating blend of essential oils, simply pop into your bottle and enjoy the spa style experience .

Each refill bottle contains a very generous 30 mls of pure essential oils all infused in an certified Soil Association organic grain base.
​100 ML gives 5-6 Weeks of energising aromatherapy, bottles are quality square glass.

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