Here are six signs, if any apply, you could start practicing mindfulness techniques to help
1. You wake up feeling anxious
2. You feel overwhelmed
3. You have problems falling asleep
4. You cant focus or concentrate
5. You feel very frustrated at work
6. You often get enraged by technology and computers

Here are six tips to incorporate into your daily life.

1.Practice mindfulness during routine activities. … Try bringing awareness to the daily activities you usually do on autopilot. For instance, pay more attention as you’re brushing your teeth, taking a shower, eating breakfast or walking to work. Zero in on the sight, sound, smell, taste and feel of these activities. “You might find the routine activity is more interesting than you thought.
2.Practice when you wake up. …Mindfulness practice first thing in the morning helps set the ‘tone’ of your nervous system for the rest of the day, increasing the likelihood of other mindful moments. If you find yourself dozing off, just practice after having your coffee or tea. But “don’t check your phone or email, etc. until after you’ve had your time.
3. Let your mind drift. Your mind and brain are natural wanderers – much like a crawling toddler or a puppy. And that’s a good thing. The beneficial brain changes seen in the neuroscience research on mindfulness are thought to be promoted in large part by the act of noticing that your mind has wandered, and then non-judgmentally bringing it back.
4. Keep it short and sweet. Our brains respond better to bursts of mindfulness. So being mindful several times a day is more helpful than a lengthy session or even a weekend retreat. While 20 minutes seems to be the gold standard, starting at a few minutes a day is OK, too.
5. Practice mindfulness anytime. In our fast-paced lives, waiting is a big source of frustration – whether you’re waiting in line or stuck in traffic. But while it might seem like a nuisance, waiting is actually an opportunity for mindfulness.
6. Pick a prompt to remind you to be mindful. Choose a cue that you encounter on a regular basis to shift your brain into mindful mode, For instance, you might pick a certain doorway or mirror or use drinking coffee or tea as a reminder.

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